Best In Class Minerals

Since 1992, we have partnered with many high-quality suppliers to ensure the best-in-class ingredients, including macro and micro minerals, vitamins, protein sources, and high-quality additives.

As knowledge of animal nutrition has improved over the years, we have and continue to make improvements, building on the quality of our products to ensure that we maintain rumen friendly, sulfate free, and high bioavailability and absorption of the necessary macro/micronutrients and trace minerals for your animals. It is important to us that we promote optimal health for your animals throughout all life stages including throughout reproduction.

If you are a cow-calf operation, our supplements promote higher conception rates and faster weaning.  Whether a commercial or hobby farm, conception rates make the difference between a profitable operation or a struggling operation--the economics behind mineral supplements work! The pros at FMS can line you up with the right supplement to reduce the number of empty cows every breeding cycle.  We can do the same for dairy cattle.  And we continue to add products to our line for show animals with minerals geared toward building a Champion!

We know that our products will help farmers, ranchers, and hunters get more production. It's why we do what we do!

For hunters of large game animals, we make products proven to create Larger Bucks with Bigger Racks!

GoGro G2-VMS is what we want our animals to do.  When you see G2 VMS in the name of our newer products, you know it is a Premium supplement.  Since 1991, FMS has developed a deep understanding of animal health and knows what each farm animal requires for optimum health.  We pack trace minerals, macro minerals, vitamins and host of other ingredients into every product we sell.

Vitamin-Mineral-Supplement (VMS): Our products pack a full punch of needed vitamins and minerals to support optimum health.

Intellibond® trace minerals have strong covalent bonds and unique crystalline structure that provide a proven source of copper, zinc and manganese. Advantages of this additive include low rumen activity, high bio-availability, and high mineral content.

The low solubility of IntelliBond® at neutral pH, results in less interaction in the feed/premix and in the upper gastrointestinal tract in ruminants. This means more metal is available for use by the animal where it is needed most.

Sulfate forms of trace minerals degrade vitamins rapidly. IntelliBond minerals do not degrade the vitamins in the same way as sulfates do because their bond structure makes them less reactive.


IntelliBond® represents one of the highest quality trace mineral technologies available for animal nutrition today.

IntelliBond® hydroxy trace minerals are designed to have ideal reactivity, working to avoid destructive interactions and promote availability, driving optimized animal well-being and productivity within the animal.
All IntelliBond products are assured by one of the most respected and robust quality control and quality assurance programs in the industry.

The IntelliBond® Value
IntelliBond sets a HIGHER STANDARD
In the feed- a unique, highly concentrated, and non-reactive product
In the animal- demonstrated and continued data performance with solid economics
In the food chain- 100% traceable ( from raw material to end product) quality control process.