Super-Mol™ Tubs and Blocks Not Sold On-Line

The best free choice licks in poured tub and block offerings under our Super-Mol Brand.  Our tubs are available in 200lb plastic tubs and 250lb cardboard tubs and we occasionally support truckload orders in other sizes.  The poured blocks are 50lbs and come in a carboard box that can be consumed.  The 200lb tub is our most popular size and definitely the preferred size of the livestock industry.  The products are low maintenance for the farmer and their hardiness and formulations force low/appropriate consumption rates.

Our tubs cater to the Beef and Dairy Cattle Industries, along with other farm animals such as Equine.  Our largest sellers include 25% protein and 30% protein tubs specifically formulated with knowledge of the available forages in the lower Southeastern states.  Many of our formulations are specific to a ranch or to the ranch owners desired goals.

Below is a link to a Trace Mineral article at the University of Florida further educates on the need to supplement minerals in your livestock’s diet.  Take no chances.

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University of Florida report on Trace Mineral Needs in Cattle   UF Research on Trace Minerals

For more information on our various product types click the link.   FMS Product Lines

These products are not sold in our on-line store.  Please contact us if you need more information on how to buy these products or others as we do custom formulations for large/truckload quantities.  Contact Us