Horn-Max Deer Supplements and Attractants

HORN-MAX™ Deer Mineral/Supplement is an easy to feed supplement for deer. We formulate this as additional source of essential vitamins and trace minerals. Our wild berry formulation is extremely palatable and that encourages consumption so that your animals receive the full benefits for best health. Horn-Max can be used year-round to create healthy trophy Bucks for the season. This mineral is long-lasting as it can work into the soil and attract deer long after corn has vanished. Unlike corn, minerals seep into the soil and lasts. It’s a supplement and an attractant all in one product.

Mineral supplementation can support overall health and contribute to antler growth. We focus on Phosphorous and Calcium because without these minerals it’s just feed:

  • Phosphorus: works in conjunction with calcium and is essential for bone and antler development. It plays a role in energy metabolism and is involved in the transfer of energy to growing tissues.
  • Calcium: Adequate calcium is crucial for bone development, including antler growth. Providing a source of supplemental calcium can support overall skeletal health.

Importantly, when using mineral properly, it can stay in the soil and continue to attract deer continuously. Using year around supports herd growth for deer season. Once deer corn is gone its gone